— Kalo Sport Covid-19 Update, Friday 16th October 2020 —

Dear customer,

After the governments recent announcement to introduce a Covid-19 tier alert system, we would like to re-assure parents/carers that as an Ofsted registered children’s activity provider we can operate our services under any of the tiers 1-3 within a covid secure environment. To read our Covid-19 risk assessment plan please click here.

General Questions

After successfully welcoming over 200 children safely to camp this summer at Winchmore School, we are re-opening our camps at Hazelwood Sports Club for October half term from Monday 26th October. This will be at a far more reduced capacoty to usual so please book early to avoid missing out.

Will anything be different to the Camps you operated in the summer?

The main difference is that we are asking ALL parents to wear a mask for sign in/sign out, unless you are medically exempt.

Are you allowed to open your camps under current guidance?

Under the current guidance, we are able to operate camps during any of the three new alert levels. ‘There are exceptions from legal gatherings limits for registered childcare, education or training, and supervised activities provided for children, including wraparound care, youth groups and activities, and children’s playgroups. This means you can continue to use early years and childcare settings, including childminders, after-school clubs and nannies.’

You can find the latest guidance by clicking the link below, then at the bottom of each tier summary is a link to a more comprehensive guide on restrictions:

What are you doing to ensure everyone’s safety?

Having successfully and safely operated camps this summer, we have developed comprehensive COVID-safety protocols. There are 10 key ways that we will be keeping everyone safe at camp this autumn:

  1. Reduced camp capacity
  2. Group bubbles of up to 15 children
  3. Programme adjustments
  4. Clear onsite social distancing signage
  5. Personal protective equipment for our teams and all adults dropping off children to wear a mask
  6. Regular hand washing, hand sanitiser stations throughout and enhanced cleaning measures
  7. Daily temperature checks for all participants and our staff
  8. Contactless sign in/out that will take place outside
  9. Staggered lunch and break times for age group
  10. Clear communication with children, parents and our teams

What If I cancel, can I get a refund?

We understand these are unpredictable times. If you need to cancel your child’s session on camp we will offer a full refund.

What if I had booked but now you are closed the week that I booked for?

In the unlikely event we are unable to operate camp for any reason, we will refund all in full.

Operational Questions

Why is Kalo Sport allowed 15 in a group when current government guidelines state only six people can meet?

We are an OFSTED registered childcare provider so following current guidance it recommends us to operate in consistent Group Bubbles of no more than 15 children.

Will you accept children who attend for just a few days per week? How will you ensure that groups are kept consistent?

We will be accepting children where the childcare requirement is less than a week. We recognise the significance of our responsibility to keep everyone safe and of the childcare requirements over the holidays which will go further than just weekly booking requirements.

Current government guidance says that, these Group Bubbles should remain consistent and that is what we intend to do. We have a responsibility to create a COVID secure environment, which we will do through all the measures we have set out, and we expect that our parents/carers to also act responsibly. It is vital parents/carers do not allow their child(ren) to attend if they are showing symptoms or are required to meet isolation or testing protocols after coming into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

We will record every child who has been within a Group Bubble on a daily basis and try to minimise daily changes as much as possible so that each child only comes into contact with a maximum of 15 other children within their Group Bubble. If we are contacted by a parent/guardian or NHS Test and Trace to inform us of a positive test, we are then able to alert all parents/guardian with a child who may have come into contact with the infected individual.

What if my child is in a Group Bubble that then is closed due to someone showing symptoms?

You will be notified immediately and required to come and collect your child from Camp as soon as reasonably possible. Whilst waiting all children in the Group Bubble will be subject to our ‘Displayed Symptoms Procedure’ and isolation protocols. Your child and household will then be required to adhere to government self-isolation protocols. If your child or member of your household starts to display symptoms then they will be eligible for a test.

We will welcome your child back to camp once self-isolation and/or testing protocols have been met and it is safe for them to return. You will be entitled to a full refund for days missed.

What are your isolation protocols?

If someone on camp starts to display symptoms of COVID-19, the entirety of their Group Bubble will be required to isolate until they are collected. All parents/guardians will be notified immediately and required to come and collect their child(ren) as soon as reasonably possible.

The Group Bubble will be isolated with the individual showing symptoms isolated separately –outside where possible – whilst being monitored by our team.

All of the Group Bubble are then required to meet government guidance on self-isolation and/or testing including our team members before returning to camp. If anyone shows symptoms they will then be eligible for a test.

The rest of camp will continue as normal avoiding the areas that the isolated Group Bubble used until these have be thoroughly/cleaned and disinfected.


— Kalo Sport Covid-19 Update, Wednesday 23rd September 2020 —

Dear customer,

After the government’s update to restrictions regarding Covid-19 yesterday we can confirm indoor sport for U18s is not included in these updates and our junior tennis programme is unaffected.

Indoor organised team sport such as football, netball and basketball for over 18s will no longer be exempt from the rule of six.

Please rest assured that with the nature of tennis being non-contact, we can very effectively encourage distancing at all times. Hand sanitisation will always be available beside every court and we will be making sure children do this before AND after each class.


Kalo Sport


We are delighted to announce that our junior tennis programme will start up again on Saturday 5th September. All classes will remain the same as they were when we had to suspend the programme in March due to Covid-19.

Your child’s place has been held and direct debits will recommence in September unless we have been told that your child(ren) will not be reconvening their tennis lessons with us.

We, as well as the Hazelwood Sports Club management have a thorough Covid-19 risk assessment plan in place which can be accessed by clicking ‘Covid-19 Risk Assessment Plan’ above.

September will no doubt be a month that is a bit chaotic with children back to school and new schedules being made so we will use the first weeks to really assess the classes and the players and if adjustments need to be made for October we will do so in communication with parents.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kalo Sport

Winchmore School Summer Camp Bookings Now Open!

Dear parent/carer,

We appreciate your patience as we are delighted to finally confirm bookings are open for our summer camps, which will this year take place at Winchmore School!

Winchmore School, 20 Laburnum Grove, Winchmore Hill, London N21 3HS

Due to the current facility arrangement at Hazelwood and no clear guarantee that we would have been able to use the indoor tennis dome come the holidays, Kalo Sport have made the decision to hold our camps at Winchmore School this year.

Holding the camps at Winchmore School provides us with all the outdoor space and facilities we need to run a fun and most importantly safe camp for children who we know will be itching to get running in the fresh air this summer. Facilities we will have at Winchmore School:

  • Large fenced-off the grass playing field
  • Football goals and high-quality sports equipment for games such as rounders, field tennis, football and cricket
  • Classrooms for groups of 12 children to have lunch and be sheltered if bad weather
  • toilet block cleaned daily located outside in school playground
  • car park for parents

Our camps at Winchmore School will run as follows:

  • Full week bookings only as we need to keep coaching bubbles consistent
  • Maximum of 48 children per week put in coaching groups (12 per group)
  • 8.45am to 9am drop off period directly to our designated classrooms. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. Pick up will be at 3pm from the same location. All information regarding groups and directions will be emailed prior to each camp week
  • Children will be kept 1m apart at all times
  • Every child will have their own table within each classroom
  • We will provide hand sanitizer, pvc gloves for when batting in rounders/cricket
  • All sports equipment will be sanitized daily
  • Cleaners will clean at Winchmore School daily
  • We will maintain excellent communication with children and parents at all times

Booking for weeks 1-6 is first come, first served. Due to the nature of how vital it is we are organised and know our numbers, we will only refund a camp booking if given 48 hours notice (no later than Friday before the week commences).

To guarantee a spot on camps all bookings must be made online by clicking the link below. If wishing to pay by childcare please follow the instructions when booking online.

If you have any questions whatsoever please email us at info@kalosport.comand we will reply as soon as we can. We hope to be seeing some of you in 2 weeks!


Kalo Sport

Summer Camps Update: Friday 3rd July

Dear parent/carer,

Firstly, to those that are interested in summer camps with us this year we thank you for your patience over the last few weeks as we have tried to get things over the line. A lot has been out of our control with regards to facility. We are very confident to be able to deliver a fun, quality and most importantly safe camp that operates in line with government guidelines regarding Covid-19 and that is exactly what we will be doing.

Hazelwood Sports Club Latest

Hazelwood have not been able to give us the guarantees we need to plan and take bookings for summer camps. Last week there was a glimmer of hope that they would take the dome down to allow us the space required as we offered to finance this procedure ourselves, however we then learned that the specialist company they use to do this may not be available to get this done in time.

This leaves us with 3 indoor courts that we can use for tennis as well as football that are out of action at the moment, as you know pubs are opening tomorrow but indoor sports centres can not. This may of course change in the coming weeks and therefore we could utilise the space as well as other areas at Hazelwood to allow camps to run. However, we can not work on ifs and maybes as many of you have contacted us quite rightly needing to know the situation to make plans this summer.

We have therefore worked hard to source a great alternative back-up venue at Winchmore School, which is 2 minutes from Hazelwood. This will be used if we can’t use Hazelwood.

Winchmore School

Winchmore school have given us the green light to run 6 weeks of camp on their site. A venue that has a very large fenced off playing field as well as outdoor tennis courts, classrooms for breaks/lunch times/bad weather stoppages and toilet facilities. It has everything we need to successfully run a camp that allows us to adhere to whatever the guidelines will be come Monday 20th July. The school however would like to wait until Monday to update us regarding how many children we can take per week (mainly down to numbers that will be allowed in classrooms).

We therefore will be waiting until Monday before we make our finalised announcement regarding the exact venue and open bookings to reserve places online as we know the demand is strong and places will most certainly be limited. We can therefore confirm that we will be running camps this summer (Hazelwood or Winchmore School TBC), they will be strictly adhering to social distance requirements and bookings will be for full weeks only to allow us to maintain consistent coaching groups. 

We will notify parents next week when bookings are open on our website. In the meantime please do not make any bookings via links from previous holiday emails. We are aware you can still access the booking page but this has been ‘hidden’ from the site for now until we are ready to begin taking bookings.

We apologise for many updates and the back and forth on the camps’ status. It has been a frustrating time for us and all in our industry but we are pleased to say we are just one step away from opening bookings next week for 6 weeks of camps this summer!

Any questions please do let us know:


Kalo Sport

Summer Camps Update: Friday 26th June

Dear parent/carer,

Firstly, we hope you are all well and staying safe. Unfortunately, regarding summer camps this year we still have a predicament. With Hazelwood Sports Club deciding not to take the front dome down this summer due to Covid-19 we were relying on the latest government announcement to allow indoor sports activities to commence in order to have the space required. This was not the case and we are therefore in talks with Hazelwood to discuss options to take the indoor sports dome down so that we can run 6 weeks of summer camps with the facilities needed.

The response from you in regards to us running a camp this summer was extremely positive so we are trying to do everything possible to make it happen. We have looked into other venues as an alternative option but it has proved very difficult as almost all schools and sports facilities are out of use this summer. We are hopeful to have an answer from Hazelwood by the end of next week and we will keep you all updated.

Fingers crossed we can provide some good news and can start taking bookings. We have everything we need in place to execute a fun, and most importantly safe, holiday camp that is in-line with the government’s safety guidelines.

If we are able to confirm the camp will run:

  • bookings will be full week only
  • the camp will run from 8.30-3pm (no extra time period)
  • we will cap the camp at 40 children per week
  • children will be put into coaching bubbles for the entire week with the same coach
  • children will be kept 1m apart at all times
  • payment will be online only and all childcare vouchers, gov childcare scheme, etc will be accepted as usual

We will be in touch as soon as we have news so please remain patient!


Kalo Sport

Summer Camps Update: Monday 15th June

Dear parent/carer,

Thank you to those who got back in touch to notify us of their interest for summer camps at Hazelwood Sports Club this year. As a result of the level of interest received, we are going to do everything we can to run activity camps beginning Monday 20th July, however the final call on this still ultimately lies with the facility.

As it stands, the main front tennis dome is still up at Hazelwood. As previously explained, it is a very big and costly operation for the club to take that dome down for the summer season and put back up come the autumn so what with lockdown the club decided not to bring it down this year. This now creates a spacing dilemma as currently any Tennis activity indoors is prohibited and therefore there are only 4 outdoor courts available at the club for its members.

Hazelwood Sports Club are hoping, based on the recent announcements that pubs, cinemas etc will be allowed to open come early July, that tennis will be allowed in the dome and they will be able to fully open the clubhouse. If this is the case there will be more flexibility on space and we will have the necessary facilities to safely and productively run camps.

Our website booking system is ready and we are planning and preparing for the eventuality that we will bring good news in due course. We appreciate families will want to plan as early as possible so will let you know as soon as we hear more from Hazelwood Sports Club. Understandably they can not make any guarantees regarding use of the club for a sports camp at this moment.

We will be in touch as soon as we learn more which we hope to be by the end of this week.


Kalo Sport

Update: Tuesday 9th June

We are currently assessing the level of interest for modified multi-sports camps at Hazelwood Sports Club this summer as well as speaking with the club regarding the space available. The response from parents has been very positive so we will aim to make an announcement towards the end of this week outlining how the camps would operate and spaces available.


Kalo Sport

Update: Monday 18th May

Hello to all involved with Kalo Sport and their families. Again, we hope that you have managed to keep safe and well during the last couple of months and our thoughts are with anybody that has had family members directly impacted by the virus.

As you may be aware, the government gave the green light last week for tennis to resume in a restricted format. This format is one-on-one only or doubles so long as all four players are from the same household. As a result of this, the Kalo Sport junior tennis programme and our holiday camps are still unfortunately held at a red light for this moment. We are hoping to be able to look at camps for the summer holidays and will do all we can to facilitate this IF the government permits.

In the meantime, some of our coaches who also conduct private one-on-one sessions separate from us are available to be contacted for lessons if you wish:

Rhys Bass – 07894499620
Nicholas Joannou – 07494343668

For those that have asked, Hazelwood Sports Club has opened back up, however, they are only allowing players with a current valid membership to book courts at this time for singles play. Any questions or queries regarding using Hazelwood as a facility are to be directed to the club not Kalo Sport. We are aware though that club manager Jack has been furloughed until the end of June so believe there is currently no way of joining at this time. We advise only members who have a court booked to visit the club until further notice.

We will be in touch as soon as we know more regarding recommencing the junior tennis programme and holiday camps at Hazelwood Sports Club. In the meantime stay safe and well!


Kalo Sport

Update: Saturday 18th April