Athletic Development Class Indoors at Hazelwood Sports Club

6-7pm every Wednesday

For all children 9+ looking to improve speed, agility and quickness (SAQ)

Kalo Sport & AFC Southgate introduce Athletic Development training delivered by former international athlete Steve Gutteridge.

Steve has over 20 years of experience in athletics and will be bringing a fun and effective program to Hazelwood Sports Club that over time will improve the children’s speed, agility and quickness. He will also integrate age specific conditioning training for general fitness.

What is Athletic Development and how will it benefit my child?

  • An integrated system to enhance athletic performance – short, intense drills that involve quick acceleration and deceleration while moving backward, forward or side-to-side
  • Athletic development aids in the performance of any sport, but it is especially useful for those that are quick-paced and require fast movement such as tennis, football or basketball. Athletic Development training improves balance, power and spatial awareness by reinforcing the connection between the body’s muscles and brain


6-7pm every Wednesday (excluding school holidays)


Indoor sports dome at Hazelwood Sports Club (N21 2AJ)

Who can sign up?

Any child 9 to 16 years old


£26/month paid via monthly direct debit

Places for this new class are limited and the remaining spots are to be taken on a first come, first served basis.

If you are interested and want to book for your child please email us at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

See you soon!